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For the week of August 30th we will be featuring 4 businesses/providers/artists that have something of value to provide to Canadians or people interested in Canada.

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This is a great way to add to your business's audience and would be perfectly suited for a business that has the ability to instantly deliver value to a visitor and hopefully a way to add them to your mailing list!

Once you purchase, we'll be in touch to help you craft your perfect offer (if needed) and arrange delivery of content.

CanadaIsBeautiful.com is a newsletter I own and run, if you have any questions please send me a message!

Placement Details

250 words about your business and up to 4 images.
A link back to a page of your choosing.
Email with full feature sent out on Monday

Bonus: We'll mention (10 words) your business again in the weekend edition and provide a link back to the previous edition to read the full article about your business.

2 for 1!

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