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I believe most small businesses are paying too much to market their business - Far too much

You've heard of the 80:20 rule, right? Where 80% of your results come from 20% of your effort? I know this to be true for marketing. There is a point where additional effort no longer equates to more sales.

Let's put your sales on BLAST!

Small businesses need just three things to be successful with their marketing: Consistency, creativity and an audience they can sell to. With those three things a business can see great success without having to break the bank. 

Each month I'll:

  • Check-in with you weekly
    You tell me how things are going, plans you have for the week, upcoming sales, new services your offering etc. You know, business stuff. 
  • Help you be consistent
    Taking what you tell me in our check-in together we'll craft three social media posts per week, with images, that you can copy and paste into Facebook/Instagram to achieve consistency with your posting. No more sporadic postings every few weeks or hours spent lamenting over what to write about.
  • Give you reports that make sense
    Your metrics are essential, but they're also confusing, we'll give you a monthly statement that makes sense and allows you to see exactly how you're doing and where to improve.You'll know at a glance, without question, how things are going!

And best of all!

  • Every Monday I show you exactly what to improve!
    A website is not a "one-and-done" venture, it's like your storefront, you need to make improvements every week! I'll show you exactly what you should improve, why you should improve it and exactly how to do it. And if you cannot do it, it's a matter of simply forwarding it to your web developer to implement for you. 

I know what it takes to sell online, I do it every day for my own products. I also know where the most effective changes and updates should make made to maximize your marketing efforts.

Stop paying for advertising that drives traffic to a website that doesn't convert your visitors into sales.

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