Your website doesn't matter, you do.

You're spending money in all the wrong places. And your effort? Misplaced.

There, I said it, now before you rage quit this tab, have a sip of your coffee and read on, you need to hear this.

Your website has far less to do with your sales process than you think it does. In fact, many businesses could easily do away with their website and they’d be far better off. I hear this all the time, “Our website needs to have a photo gallery of our work, it needs to list all our services and we need to make sure everyone knows that we’ve been in business longer than our competitors”

So you go to their website and on the homepage it’s got a picture of the staff, (taken by the staff of course) and a write up like this

“Locally owned and operated, we’re the Kootenay’s leading provider of some service since 1979”…

Who cares?!? Other than the business owner of course... No one cares.

So you click through to their services/products page and they’ve got a run on sentence that is basically a comma separated list of every category of product they carry. Again, who cares, other than the business owner? No one.

Now I hear you saying “My customers care, that’s what they’re looking for and I need to show them that I carry what they’re looking for”, the problem here is that you’re not looking at it like a customer, you’re looking at it like a business owner looking at it like they think their customer looks at it. Inception.

Think back to the last time you were prescribed medication by your doctor, xanazolophproxinal, scribbled on a pad of paper and barely legible. You left the doctors office and headed to a pharmacist to get the prescription filled.

Let me ask you, when you left the doctor’s office, did you google which pharmacist carried xanazolophproxinal? Or were you concerned which one had been in business longest? Which one was family owned operated? Nope, you simply chose the one that was top of mind and most convenient.

Of course the pharmacist is going to have xanazolophproxinal, they’re a pharmacist, they have these things. So you go there and get your prescription filled by a professional who does their job.

“If you’re having an issue with this specific problem we’re experts at resolving this pain and can resolve it today.
Call Jenny* at 867-5309 and we’ll get this sorted immediately”

No fluff about your business’s ownership structure or a list of all the products you carry that could possibly be the solution to that pain.

Just a straight up, we’re professionals who know exactly the pain your experiencing and can absolve you of it today.

Be a pharmacist when everyone else is busy being historians.

In the next article I’ll show you how you can do the things you need to do to be top of mind the next time your customer has a pain you can solve.

* I’ll also show you why Jenny matters