Hi, I'm Lee Tengum.

I help small business owners just like you find customers and generate new business! Every business needs new customers to survive, otherwise you're simply chasing old customers.

I've been building online businesses for more than 10 years, been featured in Inc Magazine and interviewed on countless podcasts, most recently the RocketShip.FM and Un-official Shopify Podcasts.

You might know me as the guy who started an online invoicing tool back in 2010, grew it to more than 6500 paying customers who then sold out to travel the world. However I hope it's due to hearing about me from someone I've worked with or a podcast I've been on.

If you're a business owner who has been doing "all the right things" for the past couple years yet not getting to where you feel you should be, I'd love to chat.

Call me - 1 855 WITH 7AM Email [email protected]

All my work comes with 30 day money back guarantee and I'm super easy to work with!
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