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People we've worked with

Jon Contino


I've worked with Lee and his products for years now and it's always been an absolute pleasure. Not only are the products fantastic, but dealing with Lee directly has been awesome. The guy really knows his stuff and it's been a great learning experience for me as a designer and entrepreneur discussing concepts, builds, and products and how they can organically grow and develop into something muchlarger and creatively fulfilling.

Phil Sturgeon


Lee is an amazing problem solver. He's built and sold more products and services than I've ever even dreamt up. He consistently surprises me with new services like PancakeApp and CreatorLove, which I used extensively and could not be happier with.

Getting Lee to jump into your project is like strapping a jet engine to your bicycle. His dedicatation, wide skillset, experience, and attention to detail will get past that deadline with time to spare.

Ben Edmunds

Founder @ Thesebots

For the many years that I've known Lee I've been envious of his ability to grind out amazing products day after day, year after year. Some of the best success I've personally had in launching products has been with Lee's close guidance and support.

I can't recommend working with him enough, I guarantee he'll get you to your finish line.

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