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Our Manifesto

Chances are you know who we are, you just don't know what we're about... yet. So here's what you should know:

We believe revenue is king.

A project is only worth while if it will generate revenue. We don't believe in feel-good type projects for businesses. If you're a business your obligation and duty is to generate revenue for your company. Full stop. Leave feel good projects to charities and NPOs.

You will see a return or we won't work with you.

We're a revenue orientated firm that only takes on projects that will see our clients yield a return from working with us greater than that which they paid us.

Before we take on your project the math must check out. If you're not making money we're not making money. See above.

We execute for ourselves first, clients second.

No, this does not mean that we put our clients second, rather this means that before we tell you to do something we've done it for our own products first and we've seen success. We don't believe that you should pay for someone to experiment with your future, that's why we build our own products to experiment on.

We are our own client

You've probably learned about us by using one of our products, we build products for ourselves every day. We've been featured in Inc Magazine, .Net magazine for our own products and projects that we have built for clients have been covered in everything from the Wall Street Journal to Forbes Magazine.


We're building some cool tools!

We share the cool things we're building and show you the latest techniques you can use to grow your revenue!

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What other people say about us

I've worked with Lee and his products for years now and it's always been an absolute pleasure.

Not only are the products fantastic, but dealing with Lee directly has been awesome.

The guy really knows his stuff and it's been a great learning experience for me as a designer and entrepreneur discussing concepts, builds, and products and how they can organically grow and develop into something much larger and creatively fulfilling.

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Jon Contino